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The Bluetens is a wireless and compact muscle stimulator.

The stimulator can make a connection with the free app by using Bluetooth.

The app offers a range of more than 100 programmes and 15 body parts.


Bluetens and electrotherapy

Bluetens is a muscle stimulator that fits inside the electrotherapy. Work or stress can cause tension in the body. Muscles can feel stiff and start to hurt. Muscle pain can also arise because of (intensive) sports. Muscles can get hurt or overloaded and start to hurt. By using electrotherapy, that gives little shots of power to the muscles, tension can be relieved and pain can be reduced. Muscle tissue can be restored. Electrotherapy is also often used to reduce hypersensitivity and improve muscle power.

The Bluetens is a small, compact and easy to use muscle stimulator (25 gram) that can be operated by using the Bluetens app. (suitable for Android and Apple)

Why Bluetens is suitable for electrotherapy

The treatment feels natural

The Bluetens muscle stimulator feels like a natural treatment that makes the muscles feel relaxed and strengthened.

Relieves pain directly

By stimulating certain nerves, the Bluetens will bypass the message of pain, making the pain signal take longer to reach the brain.

Supports athletes

Whether they are top athletes or amateurs, Bluetens is effective for every athlete when it comes to the recovery and strengthening of the muscles.

User friendly

With the Bluetens app, you can select a suitable program for every part of the body. There is a choice of more than 100 different programmes.

Five effects of the Bluetens


Friction with a soft effect, similar to pleasant stroking. This effect can be used for pain relief in the muscles. It is a natural and effective use of the Bluetens that makes sure less pain signals will reach the brain.


This effect will warm up the muscles. It gives a feeling like a (sports) physical therapist is working the muscles with the side of his hands.


This effect is used the most by physical therapists during a massage. It gives a relaxing feeling and helps relief tension in the muscles.


This is used to knead the muscle tissue. It feels like a relaxing massage and improves the blood circulation process. Muscles relax and pain is relieved.


This effect makes the muscles contract and then relax. This treatment makes the muscles stronger. A further treatment is knocking, pressing or kneading of the muscles to prepare the body for work.

Bluetens app

The app can be downloaded for Android or iPhone devices. The app has more than 100 programs that are suitable for 15 different body parts and joints. With this wide range of programs, there is always a program to use for the body part that is treated.

Specifications Bluetens app:

  • Makes a connection with the stimulator using Bluetooth
  • Possibility to store programs, even without a smartphone
  • A built-in calendar makes it possible to plan a session
  • Store and find favourite programs fast and easy

Start a session with the Bluetens

  1. Choose the body part by making a selection of the 15 body parts using the slidewheel
  2. Choose a fitting program. The programs are made by health professionals.
  3. Start treatment! Place the electrodes on the body, following the instructions in the guide. A connection can be made with the stimulator and app by using Bluetooth.

Specifications Bluetens:

  • Small, light and compact device
  • Use Bluetooth for an easy connection with the free app
  • Choose from more than 100 programs for 15 body parts
  • Possible to store (favourite) programs
  • Treat more body parts at the same time
  • Possibility to plan sessions in advance
  • Different treatment effects
  • Suitable for everyone who experiences muscle tension
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