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Clinic Room Setup

Clinic Setup
We have built up 12 years of experience supporting customers in setting up new clinics or expanding existing clinics. When setting up a clinic room there are many items to consider such as Couches & Furniture, Treatment Modalities, provision of a Rehab Area and the range of consumables you will require. You may also want to consider Diagnostic and Testing Equipment to aid with your evaluations and more recently the provision of a Recovery zone is in big demand. Cost of course is a big consideration especially when investing in Equipment. If you require leasing support we work closely with our leasing partners so we can offer you very good options on this also.

Previous clinics we've helped kit out

Irish Institute of Sport

Irish Institute of Sport, Abbotstown Physio & Rehabilitation Clinic

Recovery Room, Sports Surgery Clinic, Santry

Recovery Room, Sports Surgery Clinic, Santry

Cork GAA Rehab Gym, Pairc ui Chaoimh, Cork

Cork GAA Rehab Gym, Pairc ui Chaoimh

Athlone Institute of Technology

Athlone Institute of Technology- Athletic & Rehabilitation Therapy Room

Visit our sample Demo Rooms

Design & Layout is always important and we can offer you lots of support here and visit your premises to offer advice on your area. We also have our on site Demo Rooms here at our facility in Thurles where you can see a typical layout and get to look more closely and try out the equipment before making a decision.

Electrotherapy & Shockwave Clinic

Clinic Consumables

  • Massage Rubs
  • Exercise Band
  • Dry Needling
  • Couch rolls
  • Infection Control
  • Many more

Electrotherapy Equipment

  • Shockwave
  • Laser
  • Ultrasound
  • Interferential
  • Muscle Stim & Tens Equipment

Patient Products

See our range of Patient Products that we can provide to help with your patients rehab and Recovery. We can also offer you Support in providing these products to your patients from your clinic and creating an additional revenue stream for your clinic

Pilates Reformer & Rehab Zone

Pilates Equipment

  • Align Pilates Reformers
  • FitMad – Range of Pilates Equipment
  • Yoga Accessories
  • Range of Rollers and Stretching devices

Rehab Equipment

  • Lojer Pulley system
  • Pedal exercisers
  • Bosu Balls
  • Range of Balance products
  • Exercise Banding
  • New Walslide wall mounted exercise band system
  • Trampolines
  • Slashpipe
  • Med Balls

Normatec Recovery Room

Performance Training & Testing Area

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New Clinic Checklist

If you are considering a new Clinic Setup please contact us on and ideally if you can provide us with the following information it will help us design a suitable solution for you.
We can provide you with our ‘Clinic Set-up’ checklist and our ‘Clinic Consumables’ checklist via pdf if you need also.