Pilates Ring 14" Double Handle

1. Strengthen your muscles, deeply

The Pilates Ring is a resistance ring that allows you to do a variety of different exercises for the upper body, waist and legs. Using this spring-like resistance system provides a full workout. The repetitive movements and the force that you apply help slim down and tone the muscles in your body, deeply and in a targeted fashion.


2. Tone and slim your body, gently

The Pilates Ring offers you the chance to tone muscles without difficulty. It allows you to do a variety of injury risk free movements. It's perfect for gently getting back into fitness sports.


3. Simple, varied exercises

The large variety of exercises that can be performed with a Pilates Ring help prevent monotony. Depending on how you feel and the muscles that you want to target, vary your fun by switching up your training sessions: arms, chest, waist, thighs, glutes. 

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Pilates Rings Used in Pilates to add intensity to floor exercises, The ring's resistance speeds up toning by targeting specific muscles, Pilates Ring 14" double handle, Double handle Ring is lightweight with both inner and outer foam padded grips, Foam padding is more comfortable on the inner ankles and knees.