Boxer Splint (MedSpec)

Boxer Splint (MedSpec)



Vulkan Airxtend Wrist Support X

Ideal for daily wrist protection and relief from injury

Provides compression and heat retention for quickened recovery

Well ventilated and removes perspiration away from the skin

Non-restricting design enables continuous movement

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The Vulkan AirXtend Wrist Support protects the wrist against injury and quickens the recovery of existing sprains and strains. It is made from lightweight materials that provide ventilation and help to remove perspiration away from the skin.


Indications of the AirXtend Wrist Support

The AirXtend Wrist Support can be utilised in a wide range of situations. For athletes, it can be worn while playing sports and during practice to prevent the wrist from being subject to injury. This will be particularly useful during contact sports and games where the wrist is subject to increased pressure, such as tennis, golf, squash, and hockey.


The Wrist Support also reduces the effects of unexpected injuries by encouraging a quickened healing process. This is ideal for occasional unexpected use following injury, and will also be convenient for anyone with weakened wrists or prone to falls where the wrist may be frequently knocked. As it is designed to be lightweight and slim-lined, it can be worn with ease under regular clothing.


Benefits of the AirXtend Wrist Support

By combining compression and heat retention to encourage blood flow and oxygen towards the damaged tissue, the AirXtend Wrist Support promotes a quicker recovery with the natural healing process of the body. It is made from a combination of Airprene neoprene and Coolmax polyester to provide ventilation and and improved comfort, helping to reduce skin irritation and move perspiration away from the skin.


The support can be adjusted to offer controlled compression, ensuring that it can provide the required level of support for the wearer. It is also not restricting, meaning regular activities can be carried out without hindering the support provided to the wrist.


Sizing of the AirXtend Wrist Support

The AirXtend Wrist Support is available in a size that has been designed to fit most. This means it can cater to a wide variety of needs, and will be ideal for supporting sprains and strains at a moment's notice.



Size: One size fits all

Side: Fits left and right

Material: 80% Airprene Rubber

                10% Coolmax (Polyester)

                10% Nylon