Athletic Development Kit

This is an entry level kit for containing the some of the Essential products for completing Prehab & Rehab exercises. This affordable kit is ideal for aiding athletic development, and further items can be added to this kit over time

Kit Contents:

Performance Bag, Green and Blue Miniband, 0.5" x 40" Powerband and MFR Ball


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The Sports Performance kit is specifically designed to help an athlete to remain injury free and in a position to reach peak performance. The Kit contents are designed to improve an athlete’s mobility & flexibility & to also aid muscle activation. Improvement in these have been proven to aid in the reduction of incidence of injury.


With the compact carry bag you will be able to store all the items in one easily transported carry bag, ensuring all items can be stored together and maintained.


A very good quality & robust bag with carry handle and 2 side pockets to carry your earphones, polar watch, car keys or water etc. The instruction leaflet included explains in detail how to correctly use all of the Packs contents

Please email us to for squad quantity discounts.