All purpose exercise (JC) band

All purpose exercise (JC) band


CanDo WalSlide® original exercise station is easy to assemble, simple to use, and takes up little space. Locking anchor on centre channel allows for unlimited height positions. Heavy-duty aluminium frame is perfect for the professional setting. The exercise station has a very limited wall footprint. Overhead section, band, tubing and handles are sold separately. To use exercise station, band or tubing is secured to locking anchor at desired height. The CanDo WalSlide® fits perfectly into any clinic, gym or rehab facility to provide an adjustable and secure point of resistance. 

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CanDo WalSlide®

This CanDo WalSlide® is an extremely versatile piece of equipment perfect for any clinic, gym or fitness studio due to it is multi-purpose nature. The WalSlide can be used in many different scenarios such as manual muscle testing, band and tubing exercise, pulley station.

Manual Muscle Testing/ Dynamometry

Can be used as fixed and mounted point of resistance for muscle testing eliminating error to due tester strength with the push pull dynamometer. The use of this attachment can allow for increased standardization and increasing reliability. This can be highly important when reviewing data for return to play strategies.

Band and Tubing Exercising

The CanDo WalSlide is easily adaptable into a banding and tubing exercising station. The sliding attachment can allow banding and tubing to be set to varying fixed heights providing resistance at an optimal angle to perform exercises. Band and tubing can be attached by clips or by being tied to the adjustable hook for a secure and safe fixed point of resistance.

Pulley Station

The CanDo WalSlide can be used as adjustable pulley station when a pulley device is attached to the WalSlide’s adjustable hook. This can be a very effective method of implementing pulley based rehab or exercise strategies station to optimise rehabilitation and positive adaptations.


Dimensions: 48" x 1" x 6"

Weight: 12.0 lbs

Optional Accessories:

CanDo Overhead Section: Price €155.00+Vat

Can be used as a point of fixed horizontal resistance allowing for optimal muscle testing. The use of this attachment can be an effective method of improving standardization of testing and increasing reliability.

Baseline Chain:

Accessory required for dynamometry testing.

Baseline Clips:

Accessory required for dynamometry testing.