NAQI Sport Massage Lotion

Excellent oil-rich massage lotion with super glide. Suitable for sensitive skin, longer massages & sports massages. Suitable to hairy skin. Approx 45 min massage.

NAQI Ultra Massage Lotion

Good glide, non greasy, suitable for sensitive skin. Ideal for clinic & all therapeutic treatments. Approx 30 mins massage.

NAQI Light Massage Lotion

Limited glide, quick absorption, non-greasy. Suitable for sensitive skin. Extra skin care. Daily treatments, has extra skin care. Approx 15 massage.

NAQI Plus Massage Lotion

Warming lotion with good lubricant and dispersion properties. The NAQI Massage Lotion Plus leaves a gentle heat sensation. Approx 20 mins massage.

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  1. Naqi Massage Lotion Ultra 5L
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  2. NAQI Sports Massage Lotion

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  3. Naqi Ultra Massage Lotion

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  4. Naqi Light Massage Lotion

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  5. NAQI Plus Massage Lotion

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  6. NAQI Massage Lotion Menthol
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  7. NAQI Recovery Gel
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  8. NAQI Medium Balm
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  9. Pump for Naqi 5L
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  10. Naqi Massage Lotion Sports 5L
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