Fundamental Movement Kit

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the basic movements or precursor patterns to the more specialized & complex skills used in play, games, recreation & sports.

Developing proper Fundamental Movement Skills ensures students are better prepared for mature physical activity & sport.

When confident & competent with fundamental movement skills, they can develop sport-specific & complex movement skills that allow them enjoy sport & exercise.

Most importantly having a firm grasp of fundamental movement skills & being physically literate can lead to a life of continued physical activity.


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The Fundamental Movement Development Kit is designed to help:

  • Catching, Throwing & Kicking,
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination (ABC of movement)
  • Jumping, Landing, Rolling, Crawling (Rudimentary movement)
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)

Kit Contents:

  • Marker Cones x50
  • Flat Cones x10
  • Soft Throwing Balls x6
  • Bean Bags x12
  • 6" Hurdle x4
  • 9" Hurdle x4
  • Carry Bag Free
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