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Gaelic Players Association (GPA) statement on its partnership with Sports Physio & Performance to provide Kits to help reduce players’ injury risk and enhance performance & recovery

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) has delivered recovery packs to its members nationwide to help them reduce injury risk, and support pre-game preparation and post-game recovery.

Following recent research undertaken by the ESRI, highlighting the extent of time constraints faced by players thus limiting the time for recovery and increasing the risk of injury, this initiative aims to support players with their injury prevention and recovery strategies. 

Under the stewardship of their Player Safety and Welfare Group, which is chaired by former Limerick footballer Dr. Jim O’Donovan, the GPA, has teamed up with Co. Tipperary-based Sports Physio & Performance to provide the packs for all players to use at home or at training to aid with activation, mobilisation and core strengthening. 

The project is part of a wider focus on player welfare by the GPA underpinned by a number of key research projects in the areas of physical and emotional health, and the wellbeing of inter county players aimed at raising the standards of the playing and training environment. 

Paul Flynn, CEO at the GPA said “Player welfare is one of our three core pillars [player welfare, development, and representation] and we are delighted to team up with Sports Physio & Performance to assist our members with their recovery protocols. This is a great initiative as it involves players in their own injury prevention and recovery. The benefits of using the tools in the packs are backed by solid research and the packs will play a big part in recovery and performance for teams throughout the rest of the season.”

Matt Carr, Director of Sports Physio & Performance said: “We are delighted to partner with the GPA on this Recovery Project and to see at first hand the importance the GPA places on Player Welfare. It’s very satisfying to know that all GPA members will have a Sports Performance Kit and that it helps with some of the concerns raised in the recent ESRI report. Our Sports Performance Kit is designed to aid in Recovery, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation”.

Matthew O’Hanlon, current Wexford hurler said “As an inter-county player, it can often be challenging to manage my time effectively between my playing and work commitments and finding appropriate time for rest and recovery. It is great that the GPA has provided all players with a practical means to help with pre-game prep and post-game recovery. It’s great to see the GPA taking a keen interest in our physical welfare.”


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