We work closely with the Universities and Colleges throughout the country providing materials and equipment for many of the courses. In appreciation we try to give support back by way of prize sponsorship for graduation, running taping courses, product demos & training and presentations to graduates.

We have also put together some very affordable discounted start up packages to help graduates starting out, in terms of setting up a new Clinic or Rehab room or if you’re starting to work with teams.

Click image across to view a PDF version of our Graduate & Student Offers.

Student/Grad Start Up Kit Builder

Along with the startup package below that we have created, you can also create your own startup package using our Student/Grad Kit Builder. To view the Kit builder, please click HERE.

Trade Account Benefits

Student's can also apply for our online Trade Accounts. Trade Account customers can avail of bulk discounts, bulk prices on single purchases on certain products and cheaper shipping. To get a Trade Account, fill out the form on the following link or click on the Trade Account image and we will get you setup to order online: Apply for Trade Account
Along with our Student & Graduate Bundles below, we've added some Infection Control & PPE elements to existing bundles and they can be seen below also. For more info on our PPE & Infection Control products see following link: Infection Control & PPE

Taping Starter Kit

We've created a kit with the most popular tapes so that you can get to try each and see which you prefer going forward. To see our range of tapes, please click HERE

Master Taping Courses

Pitch Side Startup

These 4 sections are a guide on popular products and bundles we have created.

For the full range of products, please all see the Menu Bar on top.

See below for full products

Student/Graduate Start Up

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  1. Graduate/Student Essentials kit

    Starting at €53.51 €43.50

  2. Pitchside Team Start Up Kit

    Starting at €23.37 €19.00

  3. First Aid Bag SPS Premium Run On (Black) + Refill Kits

    Starting at €28.17 €22.90


    Starting at €28.17 €22.90

  5. Taping starter Kit
    €35.67 €29.00
  6. Sports Physio Covid Kit
    €53.51 €43.50
  7. Speed Development Kit
    €170.97 €139.00
  8. Affinity Portable Athlete Couch
    €412.05 €335.00
  9. Portable Couch Affinity
    €350.55 €285.00
    Sold Out
  10. Rehab Room Start Up
    €239.85 €195.00
  11. Intelect Mobile 2 Combo

    Starting at €214.02 €174.00

  12. Performance Testing Bundle/Schools Testing Kit 1

    Starting at €971.70 €790.00

  13. Athlete Hygiene Kit
    €30.63 €24.90
  14. Schools Testing Kit 2

    Starting at €441.57 €359.00

  15. Intelect Mobile 2 Ultrasound

    Starting at €214.02 €174.00

  16. Squad Monitoring Kit
    €159.90 €130.00
  17. Littmann Lightweight II Stethoscope
    Regular Price €84.87 Special Price €80.63 €65.55
  18. Littmann Classic III Stethoscope
    Regular Price €147.60 Special Price €140.22 €114.00
  19. Squad Activation Kit
    €281.67 €229.00

    Starting at €55.35 €45.00

  21. Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer

    Starting at €47.36 €38.50

  22. Goniometer

    Starting at €9.72 €7.90

  23. Finger Digit Goniometer 9cm
    €42.93 €34.90
  24. Fundamental Movement Kit
    €146.37 €119.00
  25. Pitch Session Bundle
    €84.87 €69.00
  26. Powerband 4 Pack
    €72.57 €59.00
  27. Powerbands (Perform Better)

    Starting at €6.03 €4.90

  28. Mini Band (Perform Better)

    Starting at €2.71 €2.20

  29. Myofascial Release and Stretching Kit
    €356.70 €290.00
  30. VERT Jump Testing

    Starting at €195.57 €159.00

  31. FMS Functional Movement Screen Test Kit

    Starting at €244.77 €199.00

    Sold Out
  32. Dashr Timing Systems & Accessories

    Starting at €12.30 €10.00

  33. ANERIOD Sphygmomanometer

    Starting at €30.63 €24.90

  34. Tape Measure 50m
    €35.67 €29.00
    Sold Out
  35. Advanced Speed and Agility
    €202.95 €165.00
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Items 1-36 of 64

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