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Neurotrac Dual Channell Tens

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Neurotrac Dual Channell Tens- Comes with 2 year warranty

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Dual Channel Digital TENS Unit 12

Built in programmes including Burst, Modulated and Conventional TENS programmes

2 Customisable constant mode programmes LCD displays Intensity,


Pulse Width

Time and programme Mode Time setting 4 hours for built in programmes or up to 12 hours for custom programmes

Constant Current (extends battery life)

Range: Rate: 2 Hz - 200 Hz

Pulse Width: 50 µS to 300 µS

Lock mode function for recording time in use and locking the units parameters

Automatic switch off after 4 minutes

User friendly and simple to operate Programmes Conventional TENS or Normal Mode


This mode enables the user to select any rate between 2 Hz - 200 Hz and a pulse width between 50 µS - 300 µS. This is the most frequently used of the three modes. The most common selection is 80 Hz with a 200 µS pulse width. Burst Mode.


This mode is comparable to the low rate TENS technique except that each low rate pulse is substituted for by a short BURST of 9 pulses (200 µS) at 150 Hz. It is a combination of conventional and low rate TENS. The burst mode is often referred to as acupuncture like TENS. Modulation Mode This mode is designed to help prevent nerve accommodation that some patient's experience. It is achieved by continuously cycling the pulse width and rate.

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