Aerobic Studio Step 35x14

Aerobic Studio Step 35x14" (4/6/8") (Sports Physio)

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to your training equipment. With Polar H10, heart rate monitoring is more accurate than ever.

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Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor
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Precision - The improved electrodes make Polar H10 the most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar’s history.

Connectivity - Polar H10 is compatible with top fitness apps, gym equipment and many other Bluetooth devices.

Updatable - The Polar H10 keeps on improving with OTA software updates.

Suitable for Swimming - The 5 kHz transmission makes sure you can monitor your heart rate even in water.

Built in Memory With Polar Beat - Polar H10 has a built-in memory for heart rate data from one training session. The data can be transferred to Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app.

Comfort - The new Polar Pro chest strap is comfortable to wear with soft textile material, slip-preventing silicone dots and a secure buckle.


Polar Beat

Hook up Polar H10 with Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app, and get accurate real-time heart rate directly to your phone. Download the app here. With Polar H10 you can track your training session without your phone with you and transfer your heart rate data to Polar Beat after you finish. Just start a training session in the app, leave your phone waiting and get going.

Polar Team

Polar Team player monitoring system shows your players’ accurate real-time heart rate data in every indoor sport. Take advantage of easy to use player tracking analytics and make objective decisions throughout the season. Follow your team’s heart rates on screen in real time and analyse the effort of each player. With objective post-training data and sharing capabilities the entire coaching staff can follow the team’s performance over time. Download the Polar Team App here