The Activforce 2 is a patented strength and angle measurement platform that utilizes advanced technology to collect and track real-time, objective data, improving efficiency, increasing client retention and driving better outcomes.

ActivForce 2 Package

Included With Your Order Device & locking mechanism for supporting future accessories Standard shell attachment Cylindrical attachment for angular body parts Hand and leg straps to hold the device securely Specialized belt for pull measurement Custom carrying case

An Affordable & Accurate Solution

At a fraction of the cost of other leading dynamometers, Activforce 2 offers a portable, highly accurate and easy-to-use solution that delivers quantifiable results.

Increase Revenue & Retention

A recent study shows progress data generated by Activforce 2 reliably increases the number of average visits per client, improves compliance, and decreases cancellation rates, motivating clients to become more engaged in their treatment program.

Drive Better Outcomes

A digital dynamometer and inclinometer in one, Activforce 2 enables physiotherapists to drive better outcomes by creating and prescribing recovery regimens supported by accurate, conclusive data.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Bluetooth-enabled, portable and easy to use, Activforce 2 is an efficient way to capture client data in order to increase the effectiveness of treatment and decrease churn. At the end of each session, a report summary can be sent to your inbox and attached to your EMR.

Powerful Technology in a Portable Package

Make better clinical treatment decisions. Improve client education & compliance. The Activforce platform allows clinicians to: Accurately Measure Active & passive range of motion (AROM & PROM) Peak force Average force Force over time Force/weight ratio Muscle symmetry Neuromuscular deficits Track & Treat Results in real time ROM progress Strength progress Data from test session reports delivered to your inbox Neuromuscular control with bio-feedback

ActivForce 2 Specifications

Weight: 131 gr Length: 95 mm Width: 78 mm Height: 33 mm Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 (Frequency: 2402 - 2480 MHz) Force Range 90 kg Force Accuracy Within ± 0.6 kg (+5% of the applied force) Max Load: 110 kg System Requirements: iOS 11.4+ & Android 8+ Range of Motion Accuracy : The greater of ±3% or ±1 degree

ActivForce Testimonials

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Instructional Videos

Activforce 2 Walkthrough


Best Practices for Activforce 2


Range of Motion on Activforce 2


Knee Extension Strength Measurement


Knee Flexion Range of Motion


Range of Motion Measurement


Strength Measurement


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