Wireless Compex Professional

Wireless Compex Professional





THETA is a 4 channels stimulators developed to treat both standard (Pain, NMES) and specific protocols in rehabilitation, especially when triggered or co-contractions are requested. Neurology (Spasticity, Hemiplegic foot, Agonist-Antagonist) or specific pathologies like Post ACL Ligamentoplasty are protocols provided by the unit.

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4 functions on all 4 channels: Mi- Scan, Mi-Tens, Mi-Range, Mi-Action (Active session with a voluntary contraction detected by the device to start the stimulation). 2 Mi-Cables included.


Choose one programme for channel 1 and 2, and then select another programme from the 2+2 programme list for channel 3 and 4. This allows treatment of two different body parts, or two patients simultaneously, or combines NMES and TENS as one treatment.


Start the stimulation on demand by pressing a trigger button when needed (Hemiplegic foot, spasticity…) Manage the session time and move directly to the next phase (recovery) when needed.


Very useful tool in combination with the dedicated programme helps ensure the optimal electrode placement.


Creates and personalizes programmes in order to customize the patient specific parameters.



Rehabilitation I: 5 programs

Disuse Atrophy. Reinforcement. Prevention of Disuse Atrophy. Muscle Lesion. Motor Point

Rehabilitation II: 12 programs

Hip prosthesis, Patellofemoral syndrome. ACL, Rotator Cuff, Lumbar Stabilization, Cardiac Rehabilitation. Ago/Antago Atrophy, Ago/Antago, Reinforcement. Atrophy (Mod. Freq.), Reinforcement (Mod. Freq.). Atrophy for Haemophiliacs. Reinforcement for Haemophiliacs

Pain relief I: 6 programs

TENS (100Hz). Freq. Modulated TENS. Pulse Width Modulated TENS. Endorphinic. Burst TENS Alternated. Decontracturing

Pain relief II: 12 programs

Knee Pain. Trapezius Pain. Shoulder Pain. Fracture Pain. Cervical Pain. Thoracic Back Pain. Low Back Pain. Lumbosciatica. Lumbago. Epicondylitis. Torticollis. Arthralgia

Vascular: 7 programs

Heavy Legs. Venous Insufficiency 1. Venous Insufficiency 2. Arterial Insufficiency 1. Arterial Insufficiency 2. Cramp Prevention. Capiliarization

Neurologic rehabilitation: 4 programs

Hemiplegic Foot. Spasticity. Hemiplegic Shoulder. Slow Start

Conditioning I: 3 programs

Resistance. Strength. Active Recovery

Conditioning II: 12 programs

Potentiation. Endurance. Explosive Strength. Plyometry. Hypertrophy. Muscle Building. Low Back Reinforcement. Core Stabilization. Recovery Plus. Toning Massage. Relaxing Massage. Anti-Stress Massage.